Travis Middle School and Ray the Mobile Barber

Okay, besides the fact that I’m writing about them both today, Travis Middle School and Ray the mobile barber have nothing to do with each other.  But I like that title.


If you recall, last May I began, at the request of the Travis Administration, a lunchtime session called “Get Rea.” Basically I met with groups of 6th, 7th and 8th graders during their respective lunches to talk about life and relationships and getting along. 

They’ve asked me to do it again this year, and today was our first meeting.  We’ll do it pretty much every Wednesday until school lets out.  It was lot of fun.  I’ll meet with 10-20 kids from each age group.  Today I did a cool magic trick so that they’ll like me, and then each of us shared about our goals for the year.  The kids’ goals ranged from conquering a video game to being a good friend to passing the TAKS test.  I shared that my goal for “Get Real” is for the kids to realize who they really are and begin to look at each other in a different and positive light.  Travis is full of kids from every possible race and background.  That creates a lot of tension and mistrust among the students.  I hope to maybe have a small impact in the lives of some of these students and help reverse some of that trend.


I met Ray the Mobile Barber at the North Grand Villas back in August.  He sets up shop once or twice a week under the gazebo at the apartments and cuts hair for several of the men who live there (hence “the Mobile Barber”)  We’ve slowly been developing our relationship from “Hey Ray” or “Brooks my man, you need me to give you a shave!” to more serious conversations about church and about God, as I’ve talked to him about why I come out to the apartments.  I have a sense that this relationship will be going deeper and I’ll be able to share more of the love of Christ with him.  It’s exciting and reminds me that I never know who God’s going to put in my path in this ministry.

So pray for the Get Real Club.  And pray for Ray.  So I guess that’s what they have in common.  They both need your prayers.  Thanks!


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  1. Sondra Gambrel · · Reply

    I just wanted to encourage the person doing this at Travis Middle…my mother-in-law is a math teacher out there and I have heard endless stories on how hard it can be. Thank you for reaching out and please pray for the teachers!

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