5th Anniversary Bash

Okay, so maybe it’s not really a bash.  It’s more of a dessert banquet.  But bash sounds more fun, doesn’t it?  Anyway, we’re celebrating our 5th Anniversary two weeks from tonight – Tuesday, November 17, at 7pm in the Messiah’s House Capstone Youth Building.  That’s on the corner of 8th and Jackson downtown.  If you didn’t receive an invitation, consider this your official invite.  We’ll eat desserts, hear some stories about what God has done over the last 5 years, some testimonies from a few of the high school kids we’ve ministred to,  and find out how you can help Mission 2540 keep going another 5 years.  Email me at brooks@mission2540.org if you can make it.  Childcare is available as well.

The Mission 2540 kids are also going to be helping us raise some money at the banquet.  They’re painting some really cool and creative “Jesus-themed” pictures that we’re going to sell in a silent auction the night of the banquet.  They are so excited about helping us raise some money.  (Hearing that the money would help pay for the candy they get for learning Bible verses was great motivation). 

Even if you don’t bid on a picture, you’ll have a chance to vote for your favorite.  We’ll turn the favorite picture in to Christmas cards, which will be available for purchase.  More details on that will come, but I’m excited about it.  Hear are some pictures of the Rose Plaza kids hard at work yesterday.  The NGV kids will start their pictures on Thursday.

Budding artists02

Budding artists03

budding artists 04




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  1. […] setting down more dessert on the table):   We held our silent auction of the kids paintings (see here) and raised a lot of money (the kids will be pumped about that). I shared the 10 things I’ve […]

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