Back in the swing of things

We started everything back up last week after breaking for the Holidays. The only thing that didn’t get going was this blog. So here’s a quick first entry of the year.

This year, our Monday and Tuesday bible studies will be going through the book of John. Yesterday at Rose Plaza, we discussed John 1 and how Jesus came to be a light in the darkness.

To demonstrate how living in darknesss is rather difficult, For we played a game where one person was blinfolded and had to scoop cotton balls with a spoon into a plastic cup while listening to the directions of teammates. It’s an old game but lots of fun. Pictured below is Suzanne having a go at it.


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  1. mustardseedministries · · Reply

    We continue to pray for your family and ministry. Mission 2540 still remains as one of our favorite stops- because of its simplicity and sweet spirit. God is using you and spreading His Gospel through you! Praise God for your willingness to be used how He wants.

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