Let me brag on my kid…

Number 30 in the picture above is Dalvin (it’s not the best picture – I took it with my phone, but it will do).  He’s playing for Palo Duro’s JV basket ball team this year.  I just wanted to show the picture and brag a little bit, because Dalvin has been playing great this year. 

In his first two years of basketball at PD (he’s a junior this year), Dalvin didn’t play much, and when he did, he struggled.  Not because he didn’t have talent, but because he was just overly timid and completely lacked confidence.  This year, it’s a whole new Dalvin.  He’s scoring lots of points, making great passes, telling teammates what to do, encouraging other players, etc.  It’s been a joy to watch him play. 

I’m super proud of him.  He hasn’t decided if he’s going to play next year (he’ll make varsity, but just isn’t sure if he’ll play that much).  I hope he does.


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