Rock People

Some crafts are far more fun than others.  This was definitely one of the fun ones.  On Monday at Rose Plaza, we talked about Jesus telling Simon his name was now Peter, which means Rock.  The cool thing about that story is that Jesus saw Peter not for who he was at the time, but who he was going to become.  Jesus knew this because he happened, of course, to also be Peter’s creator. 

We talked about that, and then had the chance to create something fun – rock people.  The kids were super creative and had lots of fun.  Maybe it was all the pent-up energy of being snowed in for several days, but the kids’ creative juices were flowing.  It was lots of fun, and the rock people look really funny photographed for some reason, or maybe Suzanne (who took the pictures) and I just have a weird sense of humor.

Cecillia and her creation.


Tori (I think Suzanne decided to get kind of artsy, huh?)

Jose with his four-eyed rock monster along with his Uncle Hilario’s wild-haired rock.

Again, for some reason these things lend themselves to some quality humorous photographs.


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