Heading to Nicaragua!

I will be leaving early tomorrow (Monday) morning for Managua, Nicaragua with 8 others from Messiah’s House for a week-long mission trip.

We’ll be working with Savior’s Tear, a ministry that runs a school called Oasis de Esperanza (Oasis of Hope).  Oasis of Hope is a school for kids who live in or near La Chureca in Managua.  La Chureca is the name for Managua’s dump ground. Most parents and the children work in the dump ground scavenging for food and recyclable material to sell. The majority of children live in extreme poverty, in single-parent homes, and are looked upon more as free labor than children of worth.  I’ll have the chance to share the love of Christ (and a few magic tricks) with kids living in easily the most extreme poverty I’ll ever see.  Please pray for our safety and that God will move in big ways while we’re there. 

 As best I can, I’ll be providing updates of the week at the Mission 2540 blog.  Visit www.mission2540.wordpress.com for pictures and stories and prayer requests.  I’ll do my best to keep it up to date.

 Thanks for your prayers – tomorrow please pray for safe travel and that we’ll make it through customs without any trouble (and that they won’t mess up my magic tricks!)

Thanks so much,


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