The 4th Day

Today was another great day.  It was a little bit slower and relaxing – we needed it after the crazy last two days.  Today we went to the school Wayne and Elaine run in Salinas.  It’s a rural school located about an hour and a half northwest of Managua.  The 60+ kids who go there have parents who either work in farming or on fishing boats.  The live in poverty, but its a different kind of poverty than what you see in the dumpground.  They live in conditions that might seem a bit appalling to us, but the kids have loving, hardworking parents and are very well-behaved.  I think the sad part, for, me, is seeing their living conditions and knowing, that for them, they know no other world, no other way.  Here’s a picture of one of the neighborhoods – I took it as we were driving by, so it’s not the best quality.

This is the school – Classes meet on the right, to the left is an assembly area that also serves as a church.

Here is the bathroom – when the girls go, two of them stand in front of the opening and spread out their dresses so their friend gets privacy.  It’s hard not to feel like we Americans have a bit too much when you see this:

We played games for a while – it was lots of fun, and also, quite hot.

Alex and Maria, the missionaries I told you about yesterday, came out with us.  They did music, I did another magic show – this time it was a lot longer with all my stuff, since I only got to be with the kids once – and then Maria had a lesson for them.

Above is the whole group, minus me and my camera, helping Maria sing a song.  She made us all wear funny hats and dance.  Again, lots of fun.  After that, Maria had all the kids pray for us.  That was humbling, to say the least.  I may or may not have teared up a bit while watching these kids fervently pray for me.  It was a blessing.  I came to minister to them, and they ministered to me.  Definitely a highlight for me.  After that, we spent time praying for kids and their teachers.  Here’s Russell and Kendall in action in my favorite picture of the week:

The kids only go to school until noon.  We stuck around and visited and prayed for a while, then headed to see the ocean since it is only a few miles from the school.

Items nearby not seen in the above picture – boats, pigs, skinny dogs, and some very friendly little children, and a bar of some sort.

We headed back to Managua for a relaxing evening.  Tomorrow is going to be a rough day – we’ll be visiting an orphanage and then a children’s cancer hospital.  Please pray for strength for all of us tomorrow. 

This trip has been amazing so far, and I can’t wait to see what more we do…



  1. Jeannie Wyble · · Reply

    Will sooooo be praying for you All tonight for tomorrow!!
    Just know that you are right! Please take time in a.m. to pray for each other!!!! Rise up Warriors Rise!!!

  2. Brenda Trafton · · Reply

    How I love what Abby Daddy is doing with each of you and for all the children and families! We miss all of you knowing you are so far away! As I see and reflect on these pictures and stories, I am so moved with tears and realize how much we take for granted and quite spoiled! Brooks, please give Ury a big hug from Miss Brenda. My heart lept as I saw his precious face and felt such a connection because of my prayers that has spiritually bonded my heart to his. Tell him, I hope to meet him one day and that God has huge, huge plans for his life. I saw in my vision of him speaking before hundreds if not thousands…sharing hope and the good news of Jesus. Father wants the team to touch many tomorrow…physical touch…from the hands of Jesus…who knows what will happen….We are claiming miracles and His glory will reign down! Bless you all…checking on all your girls! Love you all, Brenda

    Ps. Tell Cheryl her Emily misses her so…

  3. Brenda Trafton · · Reply

    We miss all of you, you seem so far away! As I reflect on the pictures and stories with tears and prayers, I know Abby Daddy is touching each of you deeply as well as all the divine appointments you have had! Brooks, please give Ury a big, big hug from Miss Brenda. When I saw his precious face, my spirit just rose and welled up deeply within me! I fell such a spiritual connection with him because of my prayers…spirit to spirit. Please share that God has such special plans for him and the vision I had of him speaking before hundreds if not thousands about HOPE and the love of Jesus. We prayed for each of you by name and your spouses at home group. I have been checking in all the girls, to see how they are doing. Tell Cheryl, Emily misses her so much! Tomorrow, you all are suppose to physically touch many…we are claiming miracles and His glory to fall upon you all…..With a tender heart for each of you,
    Brenda Trafton

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