I can’t really come up with a title for this post

I’ve had a lack of posts since getting back from Nicaragua.  It was a combination of trying to process all the stuff I saw and experienced there along with processing the bug I brought back with me.  I was a bit under the weather for last weekend and much of this week.  So now I’m back and in action. 

We did have a great Bible Study at the North Grand Villas last Thursday.  It was fun getting to hang out with my kids again, as I missed them while I was gone.  We played around for a while.  Here are a few of the girls coloring.  In the background, you can see Josh and several of the boys playing wall ball in the other room:

We also played a fun game where you blow up a balloon and let it go, trying to get it to land in a taped off target area.  It is lots of fun and takes no skill, as it is pure luck getting the balloon to land where you want it to go:

I then shared with the kids (there were 10 or 1 1, I think) about Nicaragua and all we did there.  The kids were pretty fascinated and had lots of questions.  I think it was pretty impactful.  The kids at NGV don’t have much, but I think they walked away knowing they were blessed to live in America. 

Poverty here is so much different than poverty in Nicaragua and other places in the world.  We have a government that helps them find housing and healthcare and food and work and other assistance.  Our poor don’t struggle near as much when it comes to the physical. 

However, the kids I work with have many of the same issues as the kids in the dumpground – broken families, abuse, low self-worth, anger, fear, etc.  I pray Mission 2540 can make the same kind of impact on our kids here that Wayne and Elaine do with Savior’s Tear in Managua.

I’ve got some news about some upcoming stuff with Mission 2540 coming soon, so be checking for updates.  I promise it won’t be another week and a half!


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