Big News

Sadly, we are going to be ministering at Rose Plaza for just 2 more weeks, and then we’re out of there for good.  The owner of the complex has decided to take back The Shop, which we have been renting from him for the past two years, and turn it into a big laudry room. 

So we’re moving out.  And actually, I’m excited about it.  There aren’t many kids still living in the apartments – most of the kids that come with on Mondays no longer live there – Suzanne and I pick them up.  So I had been feeling like it was about time to move on and began praying about what to do.  And God answered that prayer.  So now it’s time to find a new work to do in a new place.

I meet tomorrow afternoon with the manager of a new affordable housing project in the Hamlet area.  I think this could be where we begin some new ministry.  And, of course, the kids we had been bringing to Rose Plaza will come with us to the new place if management lets us.  So please be in prayer for me tomorrow and I’ll let everyone new when and where we start the new work!  I’m excited.


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