Camp fun

Well I’m in the middle of a crazy week. On Monday I took several of my teenagers to our church’s Spring Break camp at Camp Chapparal in Iowa Park. Sadly, I had several of my girls cancel at the last minute. It was crazy – sickness, emergency trips, track coaches not letting one go, etc. Kind of nuts and frustrating. However, my boys are there now and having a blast.

I came back yesterday afternoon to get ready for another camp tomorrow morning. We are taking about 20 4th-6th graders to Hidden Falls for their spring break Agape camp. It will be a blast. Pray for our trip plus the sanity of me and my adult sponsors – Suzanne Schroder, Claudia Mezel, and Josh Heavin. We’ll have lots of stories and pictures to tell when we get back!

An keep prayin for the the youth boys. Below is a picture of Nick, Dalvin, Puna, an Chris on the microphone attempting to entertain all of us at midnight on Monday. They were pretty funny, so I guess they were successful.

Many more picturesnof both camps will come next week (after I recover!)


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