New Kids on Thursday

Thursday at the North Grand Villas was pretty cool.  We had a couple of our regular-attending famlies move out of the complex over Spring Break, so I was curious as to what kind of a crowd we would have.  We had probably 10 new kids show up along with anothe 6 kids who hadn’t been in a while.  It made for a wild yet very fun afternoon.  I just love how God keeps sending us new kids to share His love with. 

My famlily’s new favorite show is NBC’s new game show “Minute to Win It,” which has people play games with everday objects in an effort to win $1 Million.  It’s lots of fun, so we decided to play one of the games.  It involved using a balloon to blow 10 cups off a table in under 1 minute.  The kids loved it, mainly because they got to keep their balloons. I took some pictures, but the action was fast so you don’t get the best idea of what’s going on, but it will work.

Above is Jimmy dominating the competition with his winning time of 21.5 seconds. 

Above is Kiki, who has just a few cups left but unfortunately ran out of time.  Kiki and her family just recently moved into NGV.  She told me her mom recently passed away and she’s living with her grandma now.  I hope to be able to get to know her and her cousins a little better and learn more of their story.

Above are several of the new kids waiting in line to tell me their Bible verse for the day and get candy.  On the left is Tre.  We’ve known each other for a while, but this was his first time to come to the Bible study.  He has a charismatic and mischeivious personality, which I love.  He rounded up a bunch of his buddies on Thursday.  He says he now plans to come every week.  I certainly hope so!


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