Cypress Creek Apartments

This coming Monday, we’ll embark on a new adventure at a brand new apartment complex.  The Cypress Creek Apartments is a new affordable housing complex located on Jason Street, just north of Hamlet Elementary School.  It is a very large complex (10x as large as Rose Plaza) and extremely nice.  The ownership is incredible and has a great vision for building and creating a community of people hoping to improve the lives of its residents.  As a result of that vision, they are very excited and welcoming of us doing ministry there.  I’m not sure where it’s all going to lead, but the size and scope of the complex is going to greatly increase the size and scope of our ministry.  I’m very excited about it.

At this point, about 40 units are currently being leased, and several more units have families moving in soon.  A couple of former North Grand Villas residents have moved in, so I’m very excited about that. 

Here’s what will be our new meeting room – I’m telling you, they’ve built this complex to be incredibly nice, nicer than any affordabe housing complex I’ve seen.:

A view of the basketball court and playground area, where we will spend a lot of our time.

I went out on the property and met some kids and moms and invited them to come on Monday.  I’m excited about what’s in store!



  1. Jeannie Wyble · · Reply

    This is so so cool! I am excited for the kids here and what they don’t know that is about to happen in their lives and the parents mega too!

  2. mustardseedministries · · Reply

    Wow! This is awesome! God is so good. Keep up the great Kingdom work!
    And say ‘hi’ to the fam for us.

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