Easter Outreach

We did our Easter Outreach a little differently.  Instead of providing Easter baskets to the kids, we suprised 24 families who we know really needed it with Easter Meals – ham or brisket, bread, potato salad, veggies, dessert, the all-important marshmellow peeps, etc.  We also gave the 80 or so kids from these families little goodie bags filled with candy and fun little items.  Here’s what the typical family received:

We got everything delivered on Friday.  Most of the kids weren’t home yet, so I didn’t get many pictures of happy kids.  But the moms were incredibly grateful, so that was awesome.  Here’s Mariela and her sibling and cousins, the last family I delivered to on Friday.  The kids had just returned home from school, so I got to see their happy faces.

Thanks so much to everyone who gave and/or shopped for groceries.  We’ll do this again next year for sure.



  1. Brooks:

    Are these our kids? I’ve been super busy and we’ve not made contact since Christmas. How is it going? I’m wondering if Patricia is doing okay and if the kids have what they need.

    We are starting enrollment for the summer mission trip to Amarillo. It was supposed to be a one time trip, but we are doing it again. I’m supposed to give the meeting info next Sunday in church and a little blurb about the trip.

    My guess is we’re going in partnership with the Baptist Association again, but I don’t know all the plans. I probably will not be able to go, but I want to know how our kids are doing.

    Thank you for the work you do. It’s a blessing to read how God’s using you to do the little things that turn out to be the big things.


    1. Hey Aimee. Just saw your comment. Yes – those are your kids. I don’t see or hear from them much, but we try to help them when we can. I think things are going well for them at the moment, though. They haven’t called me since March or so. And the Easter meal we brought them was a suprise. So I assume they’re doing well.

      Maybe I’ll see your group – I don’t think they’re doing anything on my properties this summer – I’ve got two different groups here in June, though. Anyway, I hope things are well.

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