First Day at Cypress Creek

Monday was our first day at the new place, and it went really well.  We brought 8 of our regular Rose Plaza kids.  Another 10 or so kids from the apartment community showed up as well.  They were very excited, took me to meet and invite some more of their friends, and promised to bring more kids next week.  I also found out a couple of families from the North Grand Villas that I hadn’t seen in years had moved into Cypress Creek.  On of the boys, Biggie, I hadn’t seen in 3 years.   He’s 12 now, and is taller and not quite as “big” as he once was. Biggie had to go to track practice Monday, but said he’d try to be there next week.

The kids filled out “All About Me” forms so I can get to know them better.  Holding the Sonic cup and smiling a big smile is Jamal.  I’ve known his family since the beginning of Mission 2540.  They moved into the North Grand Villas at the same time we started there.  They moved into Cypress Creek over Spring Break, which makes me happy (and Jamal, too, apparently).

The above picture is hard to see, but that’s Brandi and Tamera, two of our Rose Plaza kids.  They love the new place.  I think they were a little nervous at first, but they’ve decided Cypress Creek is cool.

We did more than just fill out forms, but I don’t have pictures of the other stuff.  But here’s Alivia, who is very sweet, searching through my bag of candy.  Upon discovering that I give out candy each and every week, kids like Alivia realize that my Bible Studies are worth going to.  And no, I’m not ashamed to say that bribery works very well.

Can’t wait until next week!


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