A couple of cool pictures

The above picture makes me happy for a couple of reasons.  One – because it’s nice and sunny outside so we’re able to get out and run and play and release that pent-up energy.  Two – because the basketball court at Cypress Creek gives us a wide open, safe, place to run and play.  It’s much better than the beat up old parking lot at Rose Plaza.  I’m very thankful for it.

Suzanne took the above picture of Hunter.  Last week, she took several of the “old Rose Plaza kids,” as we call them, out on a photo shoot.  She took kid portraits to give to their moms for Mother’s Day.  It was an awesome idea and the pictures turned out great (if you want to see them, go to Suzanne’s blog)  I’ve mentioned Hunter before – he’s 8 and lives in a world of pretend.  It’s really his way of coping with a very unstable, difficult home.  Depending on his mood for the day, he’s in Batman, Transformer, or Iron Man mode. 

Recently, he’s been in Transformer mode.  When I pick him up on Mondays to drive to Cypress Creek, he refers to me as Sideswipe and he’s Optimus Prime and we’re being chased by bad guys and he tells me to switch my Suburban into invisibility mode, etc.  It’s sometimes fun, but often grows exhausting, especially when during prayer time he requests that we pray that MegaTron doesn’t get us or that Batman will be safe or something.  Anyway, in the above pic, he asked Suzanne to take a picture of him as a Transformer.  She kindly obliged.  Also note that he insisted on wearing the Spongebob shirt for a nice family portrait. 

The kid wears me out, but I love him.


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