The Golf Scramble

The last weekend of August was an especially busy one for Mission 2540.  On Friday the 27th, we held our 3rd annual Mission 2540/Choice Media Golf Scramble.  It was a huge success and lots of fun.  We had great sponsors and prizes and teams, and lots of great stuff to build on next year as we grow the tourney.

Above is the overall winning team (out of 20 foursomes) of, from left, Jody Wilson, Sean Murphy, Sean Wright, and Brent Morgan.  Yes, it is quite amazing that Jody Wilson played on the winning team.  Apparently, Sean Wright is an amazing golfer and he pretty much carried the other 3 on his back the whole time.  And I don’t just say that because Jody, Murphy and Brent are all buddies of mine. Congrats fellas.

One new thing we added this year was a $5000 putting contest.  Players competed in a series of elimination putts for the chance to sink a 50 foot putt and win $5000.  After a long battle, Bud (above) eliminate the aforementioned Sean Murphy for the chance to sink the putt.  Unfortunately, he missed the putt, but the contest was pretty exciting anyway.

We had some great prizes to give away this year.  Angel Fire Resort graciously donated a 2 night, golf for 2 prize at their Golf Course and Lodge.  Lots of people wanted this one.  Keith Covington was the big winner.  Keith’s brother Steve was a big part of organizing the tournament, getting sponsors, and putting together teams, along with Brad Tooley (above right).  So I hope Keith takes Steve with him, because he deserves it.

Big thanks to all the teams, sponsors, and Steve and Brad.  Can’t wait until next year.


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