Iras and Jesse Get Married

Like I said in the previous post, the last weekend in August was a little busy.  Two days after the golf scramble, I had the priviledge of performing the wedding ceremony of Iras and Jesse.  I met the two of them several years ago when they lived in the Rose Plaza apartments.  They’ve since moved out of there, but Jesse and I (along with a friend of his) still get together every Friday at lunch to hang out, study the Bible, and pray together. 

It’s been a long road for Iras and Jesse.  They’ve both lived through some really tough times and hardships. So it was really great to be a part of them joining together in marriage.  Iras had never had a “real” wedding, so, with a major assist from Suzanne, (2540 board member, Iras’ best pal, matron of honor, and wedding coordinator) we had a really nice little wedding.  My awesome wife Sunny served as the wedding photographer.  She’s still working on editing and choosing pictures, but she let me grab a few for the blog. 

The ceremony – I think this is where they say their “I do’s”

The very happy Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lee Brown, Jr.

Iras’ beautiful granddaughter and flower girl, who stole the show and who I think ought to be the flower girl in most weddings.

Iras and “Suzu”, as she calls her, before the wedding.

Really, the ceremony was so much fun and really more emotional and special to many of us than we thought it would be, I think.  To see these two find each other and the joy and happiness of their relationship was really cool.  I’m thankful to be a part of their lives.


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