Some Perspective

Yesterday, I was talking to Ishimaue, whose family immigrated to the US from Tanzania a few years back. There are 4 or 5 Tanzanian families living at NGV now, I’ve been trying to learn more about what brought them from Tanzania to America. It’s a long, sad story that I’ll share another time.

So yesterday, I asked Ishimaue about where he lived in Tanzania and what it was like. He said, “Oh we did not live in such a large fancy house like we do now.” His family of 7 lives in a cramped 900 square foot town home at NGV. He views it as large and fancy.

As we walked through the apartment complex, he pointed at a rusty little outdoor patio bench. “You see that chair? Oh, it so nice to have chairs in Tanzania, someone would steal that to have it! Nice, nice nice!”

Perspective. I feel for the kids I work with and the home and environment they live in. Ishimaue is amazed at how blessed his life is and how he lives in a fancy place like the North Grand Villas.

I think I like his view of life more than mine.


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  1. I agree. You should blog more.

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