Tattoos and the Cross

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Austin Middle School to watch the Travis 8th graders play some football. During the game between the Gold Teams, I went and sat down with the Silver Team (ie “B” Team) to hang out. It seems like half of the Silver guys lived in the North Grand Villas at some point, so I know most of them.

I walked up, ready to talk football. But as soon as I sat down, Ahmaud asked me, “Hey Mr. Brooks – is it true that if you get a tattoo you go to hell?”

Apparently I am the go-to guy for most of these kids for all things theology-related. And Ahmaud, who I only see a few times a year due to the fact that he moved out several years ago, has been waiting to see me to ask this question.

Nathan quickly jumped in to answer the question first. “Naw man! Brooks has a tattoo and he ain’t going to hell!”

Anyway, this actually gave me a chance to share with the boys a little bit about the Old Covenant and Jesus’ work on the cross.

You never know when opportunites present themselves. You just have to be available and ready. Even when you’re trying to just watch a football game.


One comment

  1. Brooks, I’m glad you’re around to answer questions like that for those guys! 🙂 God has you in such a unique ministry and I’m praying much, much fruit comes from it.

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