Random Things I Heard Kids Say This Week

I have lots of conversations with kids every week.  Lots.  I hear some funny things, interesting things, poignant things, and everything in between.  I think maybe every couple of weeks, I’ll list some of the things I heard kids say.

From a one of my older girls via urgent text message on Sunday afternoon: “I was eating dinner with my boyfriend and he asked me to pray but I was too embarassed and so we had an argument.  Does that make God mad?”

From a young man trying to start college next Semester: “What’s the name of the lady I talk to about the placement test at AC?”  Apparently, I know everyone and everything.  How am I supposed to know the answer to that question?  I actually made a few calls for him anyway and found it.  But still, that’s a lot of pressure, to know everything…

From a little girl and her cousin:

Girl (who hasn’t seen dad for a year or so): My dad came to visit me this weekend! 

Cousin: He sure was acting like he liked her mom.  They kept touching.

Girl:  And then my mom’s boyfriend came over and tried to make my dad jealous.  But I don’t think he was.

Nathan’s tale of getting in trouble at school:  “So I asked this one teacher a question, and then she scratched her head and a piece of her scalp (dandruff?) fell on my desk.  It was disgusting.  I got up and moved to another desk and told my friend and we were laughing about it and she said she was going to tell my coach about how I was acting.  But c’mon!  That’s disgusting.  A piece of her scalp fell off!”

Me to a boy yesterday: “Why do you have a band-aid on your chin?” Boy: “I have a ringworm.”   Wow.

Random kid with yo-yo as I was walking through the North Grand Villas: “Hey Mr. Brooks!  Can you do a trick with this yo-yo?”  Apparently the ability to do magic tricks also applies to yo-yos.  Luckily, I know a couple of yo-yo moves.  I’m kind of a dork like that.

Ladarius on Wednesday during lunch at Travis Middle School: “Mr. Brooks – so everyone descended from Adam and Eve?”  We weren’t discussing this.  We were actually discussing the grossness of the cafeteria pizza.  Ladarius was obviously focused on something else entirely.

Kids are funny.


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