Marriage blessing

Wednesday I had something happen for the first time, though I’m sure it won’t be the last.  One of my college-age girls asked me if I could go to lunch with her and her boyfriend.  They are talking about getting married, and she told him he would have to get my approval before they got engaged.  I was kind of excited and honored that she had him do this.

So the three of us sat down over lunch and had a pretty interesting conversation.  I’m a tough guy to win over because I’m pretty protective of those girls.  I’m not sure her boyfriend liked everything I had to say and the things I’m requiring of them in order to give my “blessing” and to perform their wedding.

They’ve got some things to work out between them, and I’ve set them up with some counseling sessions with a really awesome couple I know before they go through with everything.  The great thing is that they’re open to it, and want to do things right and prepare themselves so they don’t make the same mistakes as both their sets of parents did.  They’re showing a whole lot of maturity and desire to grow in faith. 

And I’m sure I’ll have this conversation with the prospective grooms of many girls in the years that follow.  I think I’ll be pretty good at it by the time my little girls do the same thing.  Tough luck for their future husbands…


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  1. Jeannie Wyble · · Reply

    Congradulations on your new job!! I love it!

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