Christmas Fun Part 1

Christmas is always a fun/busy/crazy time for Mission 2540.  The next few posts will bring you some pictures of all the fun/business/craziness.

On Thursday the 16th, we had our annual Christmas Party at the North Grand Villas.  We had about 50 kids show up along with a few moms/aunts/grandmas.  We ate, sang, played, and had a typically chaotic time.  We even had one of the Muslim immigrant families, from Kuwait, attend the party.  The dad speaks no English and couldn’t understand what I was saying, so they were allowed to sit through my reading of the Christmas story.  I’ve been working at building a relationship with that family recently, so it was fun to see them join us.

Here’s Bryson doing a fine job of serving Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets.  We came close, but didn’t run out this year.  We also ate some veggies, chips and dips, and cupcakes.  It was a fine meal.

Kids and families enjoying the food and fun.

My good friends Mallory and Jennifer led us in some Christmas Carols (that’s Mallory’s husband Spencer behind her.)

Anthony singing along, or at least reading the words.

Me reading the Christmas story.

Turki, Mohamed, and Jaquerious thoroughly enjoying my reading of the Christmas story (at least, this is the assumption I am making for ego purposes)

And finally, the reason everyone comes to the party – the awesome gift bags. 

We definitely had a successful party.


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