This and That

1.  Sorry.  It’s been a while since I last blogged.  Things have actually been kind of quite around the ministry the last couple of weeks.  When the weather gets cold and snow, the apartments kind of shut down.  (The North Grand Villas literally shut down last week when a main water line broke and the entire complex was without water for several days last week).  But we have had some fun.  Here are a couple of pictures to proove it:

Performing some skits at NGV.

Playing balloon ball at Cypress Creek.  It’s hard to get a quality action shot with a camera phone, so this is the best one I could come up with.

2.  In two weeks, I’ll be heading to Haiti with several friends of mine from a few churches here in Amarillo.  We’ll be working at the Comfort House, an AIDS orphanage ( and with the ministry HATS ( which runs an orphanage and school.  I’m very excited.  I’ll also be heading to Nicaragua in June and bringing one of our Mission 2540 youth with me.  I’ll provide more details on that later.  God is calling me to share God’s love with hurting kids anywhere and everywhere I have the opportunity to go, so I’m sure more mission trips are in the future for me!

3.  We’re taking several youth on a Spring Break Youth Camp with Messiah’s House to Sky Ranch in Van, Texas.  Cost is $225 per student.  If you’d like to sponsor a kid and allow them to get away and spend a week having fun and meeting with the Lord, please let me know.  It’s a great investment!

That’s all for now. More posts to come this month, I am sure.


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