Fathers and Daughters

Last week, before our girls Bible Study at Cypress creek, a couple of 5th grade girls and I were sitting around talking, waiting for a few more girls to show up.

I asked Leia if she’d talked to her dad recently.  He lives out of town, but she got to spend a little time with him over Christmas break. 

She said, “No, I’m mad at him.  He’s always promising stuff and he never does it.”

Her friend said, “Yeah, that’s how my dad is.  He’s always saying he’s going to do stuff for me and never does.  He’s a liar. ”

And then she stated something that I think many kids I deal with actually believe. v”All dads are liars.”  Those are her exact words.  All dads are liars.

I asked her if she really believed that.  If that’s really how she thought all dads were. “All the dads I know are.”

Leia, who I’ve known a long time, looked at her friend and shook her head.  She pointed at me and said, “No, Brooks isn’t like that.”

This post isn’t here to toot my own horn.  I’ve definitely failed my fair share of times as a father.  But it speaks to the importance of what we do at Mission 2540.  Kids can see me and the other men and women who volunteer and work with them and can see that there is a better way.  That it is possible to become a good father, a good mother, a good friend.  They can see that there is hope. 

Most importantly, conversations like this one allow me to talk with these girls about their Heavenly Father.  That He is good, that He doesn’t lie, that He never leaves, that He won’t let them down. 

All dads are liars. Those words have played out in my head for a week.  So heartbreaking.  So hopeless.  Yeah, dads fail.  Even the good ones.  I’m so thankful we serve a Heavenly Dad who doesn’t.  I pray the many fatherless children I know grow to understand that.





  1. Shirley Hollis` · · Reply

    The conversation that you had with these young girls is one of the most important reasons that you have a ministry with youth. You have shown young men what it is to be a man & to be accountable. Now you see that you have also been an example of truth to the girls who don’t have a father figure in the home…or have one who is a liar. I didn’t have a father who lied. I had a father who died just as I turned 10 years old. I knew He was with the Lord but I felt abandoned. I yearned for someone to be a father figure to me & didn’t have anyone. You are making a difference! Stay strong.

  2. This made me tear up! Brooks, we are so grateful for the work you do at CC. Those kids obviously need role models, and you are being just that. Thanks for serving our Heavenly King like you do. In turn, you serve people and those kids well.

    -Aubrey B.

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