Haiti part 2 – Pictures of The Kids

The best part of the trip was spending time with the children of the Comfort House.  They are all beautiful and full of love and desperate to be loved.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the kids:

This is Roodline (pronounced Wood-lyn).  She is 16 and a miracle.  The first child taken in by Ray and Trisha 5 years ago, she’s had all kinds of medical difficulties and suffured from abuse as well.  She suffers from AIDS dementia, which means she has trouble maintaining balance and using her hands and speaking.  She’s mentally a little slow as well, but understands English perfectly like all the kids.  And she is amazingly sweet. It’s hard not to fall in love with her after just a few minutes.


The 2 yearl old twins, Mason and Michael (everyone calls Michael “Babo” because that’s how Mason pronounces his brother’s name).  Their father is Dominican, so they don’t look like most Haitians.  They were born HIV positive because of their mother.  They don’t show traces of the virus now, which is awesome.  Babo suffered from syphilis as a baby and the effects of that disease apparently can last a lifetime.  These boys are awesome and funny and I wish I could have smuggled them back in my backpack.

This is Gessica.  I love this picture.  Normally she is smiling and full of life.  Her job in the house is to care for the four little ones – changing diapers and dressing them and all that fun stuff.  She is a worshipper and a dancer and a great leader.  So why do I love this picture?  This is a moment I was able to have with her while I told her what an amazing little girl she was, what a great leader she was, and how God was going to use her and those gifts in the future.  She is HIV positive but has yet to need medicine yet.  I pray that continues.

Sweet Rosemond, or as everyone calls him – Rosy.  He has a leaf in his mouth here.  He always has something in his mouth or hands and is usually covered in dirt.  He likes to sit and study and observe.  He, too, is a miracle.  The comforts got him at age 3.  He had suffured from severe malnutrition, pneumonia, Tuberculosous, scabies, AIDS, and various skin ulcerations and infections.  He didn’t speak and was unable to walk or crawl. Instead, he scooted around on the floor, pushing himself with his left leg. He weighed 18 pounds.  He’s now 7 and several years behind in motor skills, but is walking well and speaking well and understands both Creole and English.  I think he might be my favorite kid, and not just because he has a lazy eye just like me.

On my back is 5 year old Elda.  She was on my back most of the time. When not climbing on me, she could be found on someone else.  She was born with HIV, but tests now show no trace of the HIV.  She is a complete and total handful, but very, very funny. 

That’s all I have time to share about at this point.  I will upload and share more pictures soon.


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  1. Thank you for your efforts and this story. I very much enjoy your boundless energy!

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