Agape Camp

I usually have the chance to take a group of kids every Spring Break to a camp for needy kids called Agape Camp at Hidden Falls Ranch.  I was at Sky Ranch when the camp started, but I still sent a group of about 10 of our kids that way.  I was able to stop by on Friday afternoon through the campfire that evening and take a few pictures and watch our kids having an awesome time. 

The climbing wall and zip line is always a big hit, and I got there just in time to see our boys spending time on it.  Here’s Julian going up. 

The big hit at Hidden Falls is a game called Gaga.  It’s a blast – a combination of foursquare, dodgeball, wallball, and volleyball.   The kids played it non-stop.  Here’s Aubrey (in the pink shirt and jeans) playing intensely.

One of the best parts of Hidden Falls Ranch is the view.  Here’s Julian, Daniel, and Jhaiden talking to Josh (thanks to Josh for going to take care of my boys in my place) with a gorgeous view of the canyon.

Friday night was game night.  Here’s Xylyn, Tanayja, and Clinnijah playing some sort of “pull kleenexes out of a box and pass them down” game.  We did lots of Minute to Win It style games and had a great time.

The night ended with music around the campfire, and I had the chance to speak to the kids a little bit and share the story of Mephibosheth, which is one of my favorite stories in the Bible.

I’m so thankful to have opportunities for my kids to experience new adventures and meet new people.  They’ll talk about Agape Camp for the next year, that’s for sure.  I wish I could have been there the whole time, because it’s one of our funnest events of the year!


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