Kids aren’t afraid to ask questions.

I pick up a several kids every Monday to take them to the Cypress Creek Bible study.  Due to the big news on Sunday, the topic of conversation this afternoon was “that really bad guy we killed.”  They were talking about Osama Bin Laden and all the details they’d heard about.

And then, from the back seat,10 year old Lydia asked, “Mr. Brooks, is he in hell?”

Before I could answer, her big sister said, “Of course he is, for killing all those people!”

It’s funny.  I hadn’t really even thought much about him being in hell.  I’ve been thinking about justice and peace and the proper Christian reaction to war and death and pain.  But hadn’t given as much thought to the hell question.  But I know Lydia’s sister had given the wrong answer.  I’m always looking for a chance to share the gospel.  Rarely is the opportunity handed to me so easily like it was yesterday.

“Well, he probably is in hell,  but not in hell for killing people.  He’s in hell because he rejected Jesus.  If he had accepted that Jesus died for his sins and made him Lord of his life right before the SEALs got to him, he’d be in heaven.  It’s crazy that Jesus would do that for him. But it’s true!  Crazy, huh?”

“Yeah, it is,” came the answer from the back of my Suburban.

Grace is crazy.  And amazing.  But Jesus died for Osama, too.


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