Graduation is always a tough time for me.  It’s not really for sentimental reasons because “my kids are growing  up.”  I’m happy about them moving on.  And most of my kids I started with are in middle school or early high school at this point. 

No, its because not all the kids I deal with get to graduate.  Two kids we’ve been actively involved with for several years completed their Senior years on Friday, but didn’t get to walk across the stage.  One becaue of failing a portion of her TAKS, one because he failed Chemistry.  So I was sad for them.  However, they’re both determined to resolve the situation in summer school.  Pray that they follow through with it and don’t get discouraged.  Because it will be so worth it when they walk across that stage in August. 

But for the good news: Saturday, I got to watch my buddy Shaq graduate. 

I met him the very first time I ever went to the North Grand Villas in the fall of 2004.   It’s been awesome to watch him grow up and mature and become a really good young man.  He has many goals.  One big one is to open a recording studio here in Amarillo and help young artists in the town get started in music.  He’s very passsionate about this goal, and has the talent to do it.  He’s going to enroll at AC in the fall and start toward achieving it.

Way to go Shaquille! 



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