The Battle of Jericho

We’ve been studying the Old Testament during our Bible Studies at both NGV and Cy Creek this year.  Last week, we discussed Joshua leading the Israelites into battle with Jericho, and the march around the wall.  To reinact the story, we built walls using bricks made out of brown paper sacks stuffed with newspaper.  It made for a pretty fun project.  The kids then marched around the wall 7 times, blew kazoos/horns/whistles, etc., yelled, and knocked the walls down.  Good times.  Below are some pictures of the fun at both places (note – the NGV pictures are taken with my camera phone, thus don’t look near as good as the ones Suzanne took at Cypress Creek):

(notice the battle royal after the wall came down.  Not sure how if this is what happened in the actual story, but the boys felt this was necessary)

At NGV, after we were done with the reinacting, I asked the kids, “So what knocked the wall down?  Was it the marching or the blowing of the trumpets?”

“Noooooo!” answered the kids.

“What knocked the walls down?” I asked, expecting an answer along the lines of “God’s Power.”

“All the yelling!” one of the little girls answered.

That’s funny, right there.  And why I enjoy what I do.



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