Back-To-School Outreach


The lack of blog posts recently is due to the fact that we just finished handing out backpacks and school supplies to around 220 kids at the North Grand Villas, Cypress Creek Apartments, and several places in-between.  Thanks to all of you who gave, shopped, or helped hand out supplies.  I definitely couldn’t do it without you!

On Saturday at the North Grand Villas, we held a hotdog cookout, handed out backpacks, and measured kids for shoes we’ll provide them from the A Step Up shoe closet.  It was our 7th(!) annual back-to-school cookout.  Here are a few pics:

We weren’t able to do a party at Cypress Creek this year.  They had a party on Tuesday that we particpated in and measured shoe sizes at, but they had us hand out the backpacks seperately, since not all the residents qualified or signed up for it.  That’s ok.  But unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of Tuesday’s event.  But it was well-attended and a good time, but also quite hot.  But here are a few pics of kids with their new supplies that we got on Wednesday from passing them out door to door.

Again, thanks to all who helped make a small difference in the lives of many hurting families this month.  It’s lots of work, but lots of fun.  And I’m sure I’ll be dreaming about school supplies for several more weeks…


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  1. Ronny Wilson · · Reply

    Brooks what a great ministery you have Laura and I would love to help if you have a place for us. God Bless Ronny

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