God’s Children

I’m able to load up 15 or so kids every Wednesday in the church van and bring them to and from our Wednesday activities.  It’s always a fun time.  For instance, last night, the large group of middle school girls in the back of the van asked me to turn on the radio.  They weren’t specific about what they wanted to listen to (though I know they were hoping for one of the rap/hip-hop stations).  I cranked up the country.  They yelled and yelled, asking me to change it. So I did – to NPR.  Classical music was playing.  I thought this was really funny.  They did not, but I was in charge of the radio, so tough luck for them.  We have this kind of fun on van rides.  It makes the long journey of dropping them off into a good time.

Often kids will invite their friends, so I meet a lot of new kids from just driving the van.  About a month ago, I started picking up an 8th grade girl who is friends with several of our regulars.  Last week, she brought her little brother.  Yesterday, they brought another brother (turns out there are 9 total siblings – they don’t all live together due to different mother and father combos.  Glad they don’t all live together, because I wouldn’t have room in the van!)

Anyway, on the way home, I dropped of the first girl at her house.  I waited in front until her mom opened the door to let her in.

One of the brothers asked me, “Why are you wating to leave?”

“I just want to make sure she gets in safe.”

“Making sure she doesn’t get kidnapped or something?”

“Well, I’m just making sure her mom is home so she can get in. If not, I’d try to take her somewhere else.  I just want her to be safe.”

He thought for a minute, and then asked, “Are you going to do that for us when you take us home?”  I could tell he was really hoping I’d say yes, but suprised I’d say yes at the same time.

“Of course.  I’ll wait until you get in.  I think you’re important and worth waiting on.”  These are words I don’t think he hears often enough.

He smiled.  “Cuz we’re God’s children?”

“Yep, that’s exactly right.”




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  1. Cherisable!

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