Why we do what we do

Saturday night was  a special night for Mission 2540.  I had the priviledge of baptizing three of our students.

I’ve known Shaq and his sister Leaia pretty much since Mission 2540 began. Shaq has had a lot of ups and downs in the times since I’ve known him.  This fall, after much searching and struggling, he came to the realization the he know Jesus was his Savior, but had never fully made him Lord of his life. Shaq made that decision, and I’ve seen a huge change in his attitude and countenance and decision making.  I’m excited for what is ahead for that guy!  His little sister Leaia, who is know a 6th grader, prayed to receive Jesus a couple years ago.  She is an extremely shy (and very sweet) girl, and the idea of standing in front of hundreds of people and getting baptized was a very scary thing for her.  Leaia has wavered back and forth for some time now, but knowing that her big 19 year old brother would be up there with her made the decision much easier.  Having the two of them up there together was very special.

Tyvus lives at Cypress Creek Apartments.  We’ve known each other for just 6 or 7 months. He has slowly been learning and seeking and figuring out this whole faith thing. When we met, he didn’t have much of a clue and was in and out of lots of trouble. But God has definitely been in pursuit of the guy and he’s eyes and ears have steadily grown more open to the Gospel.  A the end of December, he went with a group of the youth at Messiah’s House to IHOP in Kansas City. While there, he felt the call of the the Lord and gave his life to Jesus.  It was a great way for him to start a new year!  It’s been fun watching Ty grow, and it’s going to continue to be…

Thanks to all of you who pray, give, and volunteer for Mission 2540. Times like theses show why we do what we do!


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