Things I’ve heard recently

I hear lots of funny things, sad things, and poignant things on a weekly basis. I’ve done a post like this before, but it’s been a while. Here are a few things I’ve heard from kids in the last couple of weeks:

7th grader Damajhay: ‘I’m going to go to college at Baylor or Marquette.” Me: “Really? Why those two schools?” Damajhay: “They have good history programs. I’m gonna study history and get one of those Ph.D.’s” Me: “What are you going to do with a Ph.D. in history?” Damajhay: “Get a job somewhere. Hopefully it’s on one of those History Channel Shows.”

7 year old Ashton, at start of Bible study, “Can I just get my snack and go home? I don’t want to be here.”

11 year old Ishimaue, “I have a flat tire again. I know you just fixed it and said to be more careful but I don’t know what happened. Can you please fix it again?” (I said yes – I’m a softie)

14 year old girl: “I’m moving in with my grandma. My mom’s boyfriend hits her and I don’t like it. She won’t break up with him and I’m tired of it. So I’m moving out.

15 year old girl, during a discussion we were having on forgiveness: “What if you’re dad walked out on you and your mom when you were born? How do you forgive that?”

Tazz, 13 “I got the 7th grade record!” From a text message after the city track meet. He long jumped 17’ 11″. I’m kind of proud, plus I watched him do it. We just didn’t know it was the record at the time. Also, I take credit from the countless games of “Jump the River” I made him play.

19 year old young man, “What do you think of me joining the Marines? I think I’m going to have to – I’m running out of options.”

9 year old Cecilia at Monday Bible study: “I like this church, we’re go to another one on Wednesdays now.” I love how the kids consider the Bible studies “Church”

12 year old Ty: “I prayed to receive Jesus this weekend. Was alone in my room and just decide it was time. I feel different.” (That’s the best thing I’ve heard in weeks!)


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