Summer Fun

It’s been a busy few weeks around Mission 2540. We had a couple youth groups doing weeklong fun the week of June 11, another group last week, and one more this week. I figure I’d post a few pictures to show you all the fun we’ve been having.

The week of June 11, my church’s youth group went out to the North Grand Villas for a great week of fun. This is the 3rd year in a row for Messiah’s House, so they’re old pros and have developed some good relationships out there. They played all kinds of great games, different youth taught a Bible story each day, they did crafts, and had a great time. Wednesday was the day my NGV kids look forward to every Summer. Every year my good pal Tommy Spencer (Messiah’s House youth pastor) brings out some huge tarps, puts them on a hill, turns on the water hose and creates a giant slip ‘n slide. It’s a blast. Wednesday evening the youth group came out and cooked hotdogs for the community and kids shared their testimonies and had a really good time.




Josh Heavin (who helps Mission 2540 out all the time and is a really great college guy and good friend of mine) serves as the part time youth minister at First Baptist in Friona. His youth group was doing a week of missions and service in Amarillo and wanted to help us out. The owner of Rose Plaza, an old apartment community we used to do a bunch of work in, had called me back in May to say they had suddenly had a bunch of kids move into their complex, and he wanted me back doing something. I was excited about this, so I though sending Josh’s group would be a great way to start some new outreach there. It’s a small little place without a yard to play in. But the parking lot worked just fine, and the kids absolutely loved it. Hopefully we can do more at Rose Plaza this summer.

Last week, Carey St. First Baptist in Childress returned to do work at the North Grand Villas for the second year in a row. Our kids had a ton of fun with them as well. It’s a small youth group, but they were really great. It was the same routine as the week before – games, stories, crafts, and water balloons. But it sure never gets old. There’s not a lot to do for the kids at NGV – with no vacations or activities during the summer, they quickly grow bored and can get in a ton of trouble. So I’m so thankful to have groups come in as often as possible. My Childress friends had so much fun, they’re trying to come back in July instead of going to camp. I think that’s awesome. I have a week available for them, and I’m hoping we can make it happen!

This week, we’ve got a group going to Cypress Creek. I’ll post pictures and stories of that once we’re done. It’s gonna be hot this week, so I’m very thankful for water balloons…


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