Our Wild and Crazy Summer

Carey Baptist in Childress spent the last week of June at the North Grand Villas. They had so much fun that their youth decided they wanted to come back. So they did in July. This was pretty cool. The brough a group twice the size as before and really built on the relationships they had started in June. Our kids, of course, had an absolute blast.

Cypress Creek also got to get in on the action.  The last week of June, my buddy Jeff Parsons of Mission Amarillo (who brings in several groups each summer to to work throughout the city) sent over a group from Huntsville to minister, and then the week of the 16th he was able to set us up with a neat little group from Killeen. I never know what’s going to happen at Cypress Creek from week to week. Sometimes we have a ton of kids, sometimes just a few. But we really had a good group of kids both weeks, and I know they had fun.

Weeks like this are so great for our properties. They give our kids a couple hours every day for a week to run and play, get wet, sing songs, hear about Jesus, make things, and get loved on. They don’t get vacations. They spend most of their summer days bored, lonely, and looking for things today, which often leads to trouble. So being able to bring in groups to give our kids something to do is huge. I’m so thankful for all the groups. I have many more pictures of fun and happy faces, but hopefully these will give you an idea of the fun. More posts about the summer to come!


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