Back to School Outreach

We handed out around 140 backpacks filled with school supplies for our annual Back-to-School Outreach in August. We did things a little differently this year. We wanted the families to make some sort of contribution to their school supplies to give a sense of empowerment and ownership. At the same time, we still wanted to this to be an outreach and relieve a burden on the families. So this year, we’re set up a “store” at each apartment complex. Families registered in July and then have the opportunity in August to to come to our setup on the poperties and purchase a backpack filled with appropriate supplies for each of the children for just $5 (or $20 per family). This represented really big savings while still requiring a investment.

We had a few families that I know very well who really couldn’t even pay $5 for each of their kids supplies, and we gladly gave those to them. But for those who could, I think it was a great outreach. We handed out 75 less backpacks than in the past, but I’m extremely happy with how things turned out and know this is the direction we’ll continue to go with our outreaches. Thanks to eveyone who gave and shopped and helped so that we could alleviate a huge burden for many hurting families. Below are some pics of the handouts and our excited kids with supplies.


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