Two big things once again.

1) We’ll be holding our annual Dessert Banquet next Tuesday, November 27 at 7pm in the Messiah’s House Fellowship Hall. Childcare will be provided. Mark your calendars now. There are a couple of really cool new opportunities on the horizon for Mission 2540. We’ll be sharing about them at the banquet, so please plan on coming! Let me know by tomorrow if you can be there so we can have enough desserts and the necessary childcare.
2) Mission 2540’s annual Christmas Outreach is underway, and wewtill  need your help! We’re asking the parents/guardians of our kids we work with this question:“If you had an extra $75 to spend on each of your kids for Christmas, what would you buy them? It could be anything clothing, toys, shoes – you name it. It could be more than one item – as long as the total is no more than $75. What would you choose?”Mission 2540 will then shop, purchase, and wrap the gifts on their wish list. We’re then asking parents to partner with us and make an investment of $5 per child to purchase their gifts from us. (We’ll then use that money to assist with next year’s outreach). We’ll set up a “shop” at the apartment complex a week or so before Christmas and they’ll come get the gifts from us. This is both a great way to bless families who are struggling this time of year while at the same time giving them ownership in the process of providing their children with gifts.

There are two ways you can help:

1) You can purchase the gifts for a child (or two or family). Once I have all the lists together (hopefully before Thanksgiving), I will send you the name and needs, wants, sizes, etc. You’ll go out and purchase and wrap the gifts. Again, the limit per child will be $75.

2) Donate money to Mission 2540 designated “Christmas Outreach.” (Mail to PO Box 20771, Amarillo, 79114) $75 will cover one child, but if that’s more than you can give, give half the amount toward the child or whatever you can give. We’ll take the money that’s donated and go shopping for the gifts.


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