Once a week I get to sit down during the lunch hour with groups of students at Travis Middle School. Last week I asked them, “In your own words, what is PEACE?” Some of their answers:

“Being happy”

“When you can relax.”

“When things are happy and nice.”

“When someone is calm.”


“No harm being done to anything.”

“Listening to music.”


“When everybody respects other people.”

“When we have fun with our family.”

“Playing football. It brings me peace.”

“Something you feel comfortable doing.”

“When you can work with others.”


“Everyone is happy and has what they want.”

“Relaxing with my family.”

“When my family doesn’t argue.”

“When there is no danger around you.”

“When you are happy and not mad at anybody.”

“Peace is perfect harmony where no negative thought is brought up.”

I thought those were some pretty good answers. And I’m so thankful for this season, where we remember the birth of the One who brought (and brings) Peace to all men…


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