Christmas Outreach


We were able to help provide Christmas gifts for 89 kids from 26 families this year. We did things differently this time around, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I asked the parents of the kids we worked with, “If you had $75 to spend on each of your children the Christmas, what would you get them?” Some consulted their kids, some didn’t, but they came up with some really great lists ranging from underwear to remote control helipcopters. We went out and purchased and wrapped the gifts on the wish list.

This past Saturday, we then “sold” the gifts to the parents for $5 per child. This allowed parents to make an investment in their child’s gifts this year while at the same time helping them save money to spend on the more important stuff like rent and groceries. I think it was a huge success, and we’ll do something similar next year. I can’t say thank you enough to all of those who gave, shopped, wrapped, and helped organize all the presents. It was a HUGE help! Below are some pics of the big handout.




Daniel and Cecelia

Again, thanks for helping us share the love of Christ with hurting families this Christmas!



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