Cathy’s Pointe

Cathy's Pointe 3

At the first of this year, we made the move from weekly Monday activities at Cypress Creek to Cathy’s Pointe Apartments. Cathy’s Point is adjacent to the North Grand Villas and is FULL of kids. They asked us to considering coming over there last summer, and the time was right to make the move starting this year. It’s been great fun. We’ve met lots of new kids. Also,¬†several of the kids at those apartments would (and still do) go through the fence they share with NGV to come to my Bible Studies over there.

I’ve started building some relationships with a few of the parents there now as well, and I’m very excited about what the future holds at Cathy’s Pointe. And I hope to be able to do some more stuff back at Cypress Creek later this year. Following are some pictures of the fun at our new place.

Cathy's Pointe 1

Cathy's Pointe 2

Cathy's Pointe 4

Cathy's Pointe 5


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