Spring Break

We had a blast over Spring Break out at Cathy’s Pointe last week. Most of our families can’t afford to go on vacations during the week, and as a result the kids are bored and are in desperate need of something to do. My friend Jeff Parsons, who runs Mission Amarillo, brings in youth groups from all over to do mission and service projects. He sent me a great group of kids from The Church on Rush Creek  (in Arlington). They came out for a couple of hours every afternoon, Monday-Thursday and played games, told Bible Stories, did art projects, and loved on those kids. I invited the North Grand Villas kids – who are right “next door,” so we had huge crowds full of new and old faces every day. Below are a few pictures of the fun.


Above are a couple of sisters new to the apartments. They had a great time and couldn’t wait to come back every day.


We had multiple games of soccer, basketball, baseball, and jump rope going on simultaneously every afternoon. There was plenty of fun for everyone.


The girls had a great time on the playground equipment as well.


Tuesday was pretty darn cold, so we spent a lot of time indoors. We almost ran out of room, which is always a good thing.

One of our boys, Etiene, celebrated his 11th birthday on Wednesday. The Rush Creek group bought cupcakes and had a great little party for him. He was still talking about how great it was yesterday. And wouldn’t you know it, but that was the afternoon I took off to spend some time with my own family during their spring break, so I don’t have pictures. I wish I did, because that was a really cool, thoughtful thing done by those kids.

It was a fun week, and I hope we can get the Rush Creek group back next year. Our kids loved them!


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