In the last two weeks, I keep hearing these prayer requests from kids:

“Pray my dad will be out of jail before my birthday.”

“Pray for my dad while he’s in prison.”

“Pray I’ll get to see my dad again. I think he’s in Odessa.”

“Pray my dad will come visit.”

“Pray my dad will be able to come back from Mexico to see me.”

“I don’t like my name because I’m named after my dad and he did some real bad stuff to my mom.”

After a truancy hearing last week, I watched a 16 year old boy weep in the hallway over his father’s treatment of him. He had been skipping school because he knew it would get his dad’s attention. He got his dad’s attention. But not the kind he was hoping for. All I can tell him is two things:

1. God is the Father to the fatherless. He loves you and never leaves you.

2. Decide right now that you’re not going to repeat your dad’s mistakes. Be there for your kids. And if you’re not ready to be a father, don’t do the one thing that can make a 16 year old a dad.

If there’s one thing I accomplish through Mission 2540, my hope and my prayer is that the boys we spend time with will grow up to be good fathers. Fathers who love their kids, spend time with their kids, and earn the name “Daddy.” Because their are too many who haven’t done the job.




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