Week of Fun

Last week was a very busy and a huge blast for all our kids. We had two youth groups putting on what I call a “Week of Fun” at both Cathy’s Pointe and North Grand Villas. My friends at Carey First Baptist in Childress came for the 3rd year in a row and spent the week at Cathy’s Pointe. The youth at Messiah’s House put on the fun at North Grand Villas, which has become an annual tradition that both the youth group and my NGV kids look forward to every year.

Our kids out on the properties don’t have a whole lot to do during the summer. Some may leave town to spend a week with a dad or other relative. And I have a few families that go to camps put on by CityChurch or Salvation Army. Other than that, they spend their summer days bored, which often leads to trouble. I love being able to get groups out on the properties to provide some fun activities for the kids. So last week was important and needed. Every afternoon, the groups showed up, rounded up kids and played games, got wet, heard Bible stories, and, more than anything, showed the kids they were valuable and worth a group of teenagers taking time out of their schedules to focus on those kids. Following are some pictures of the fun.



Popsicles and games at NGV in the above two photos.


Craft time at Cathy’s Pointe.


These guys operated a lemonade stand at Cathy’s Pointe all week. They closed shop during our time there to participate – in exchange for the promise to purchase cookies and drink when it was over. I love their entrepreneurship.



It wouldn’t be a Week of Fun without water balloons.



Messiah’s House ended things at NGV on Wednesday with a bang. First off, they brought out the giant tarp for some downhill Slip ‘n Slide action (Which the kids talk about and beg for all year) and then came out during the evening for a big family cookout and prayer time. We had a huge turnout and a lot of fun.



Our Childress group finished up with more fun on Thursday.

I’m so thankful for all those youth (and for great youth ministers in Joe Ramirez and Tommy Spencer) who took time out of their summers to share the love of Christ with our kids. We all had a blast.



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