Back to School


We handed out over 140 backpacks filled with supplies families at the North Grand Villas, Cathy’s Pointe, and several places in between the week before school started. Most of our kids got their backpacks on Saturday the 17th at our annual Back-to-School cookout at the North Grand Villas. Now that we’re also at Cathy’s Pointe which is right next door, we were able to combine both apartments into one big party, which was quite convenient.



This year we were given a grant by a local trust to purchase backpacks. So we were able to get all our supplies in one big order at a wholesale rate, which was really nice. I had to go out and purchase a few odds and ends for families that signed up late, but it was great to get most everything shipped to us. We had a big backpack packing party (thanks to all who helped!) the week of the handout, and things couldn’t have gone smoother. I was quite thankful for that.

backpack filling party

Like last year, we wanted the families to make an investment in their kids’ school year, so we charged $5 per backpack per child. It’s not much money, but it does give the kids and their parents some pride and ownership in the event.







Thanks to all those that helped us pack and load supplies and cook hotdogs and hand everything out. It’s always a lot of work, but a really fun way to end the summer.



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