Weekly Conversations

I’m often asked what my average week looks like.  That’s hard to answer because I don’t have an average week – they’re all different. But one thing is certain – I have lots of conversations with kids and parents. Some are tough. Some are encouraging. Some are even pretty funny. To give you an idea, here’s just a sample of things I’ve talked to some parents about since Monday – just 2 1/w days worth.

A grandma (who had texted me originally at 2:30 am because she couldn’t sleep) needed some help with groceries and wanted to make sure her kids were getting the shoes she requested for their Christmas Gifts (they are).

A 20 year old young woman I’ve watched grown up is watching her mom get back into drugs and alcohol and she doesn’t know what to do. She needed some time to vent and needed prayers and advice.

A 15 year old kid told me he’d gotten in a fight, but the good news is that he didn’t start it and that he was smart enough to not do it at school so he didn’t get suspended. I think this was supposed to be good news.

A mom let me know that she and her boyfriend (and father of her kids) were separating.  His drinking has gotten worse and he’s not working. Now that she’s headed out on her own, she wanted to know if we could help her out a little with some groceries and toiletry items. She also wanted to know if she’d done the right thing, because her kids are having a real hard time with everything right now. I told her I think she did. I’ll be talking to him soon, too, to see what help I can provide him. I pray someone can get through to him.

A young father had been living with his mom. She had been taken to jail that afternoon and he needed some advice about what to do next.

A mom told me that she had started reading “The Jesus Storybook Bible” that I had given her girls last Easter. It helped a lot of the Bible make sense to her, and she decided to start visiting some churches. The pastor at the one she went to last Sunday preached on a story she’d read. She said she was able to follow along with the sermon and was just so thankful.

At our Christmas party at Cathy’s Pointe, a single dad struggling to raise 2 step kids and his daughter thanked me and said Mission 2540 has been a Godsend to his family this year. (I’m happy to pass that along to all of you. Because those conversations and help we provide don’t happen without people like you who give)

Last night, a momma called me to tell me the sweet potato pie she bakes me for Christmas nearly every year would be ready this afternoon. Seriously – she makes the best sweet potato pie I’ve ever eaten and makes all the tough conversations I’ve had this week worth it.

So that’s just a few days worth of conversations. Life keeps me on my toes. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Time to go get that pie.

Merry Christmas!




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