What We’ve Been Up To

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I figure I best get to it and share a bit about what’s going on around here. January and February have been extra cold, so we’ve spent our time indoors, doing crafts, playing video games, and playing indoor games that can expend our energy. I’m really glad it’s warmed up the last couple of weeks. That means more kids are outside, which makes it really easy to round the kids up and meet some new kids. We’ve met a bunch of new faces the past few days.

2014-02-03 001 2014-01-30 003 2014-01-16 002


Every week is an adventure, full of some good, bad, and crazy. Just last week, I got to break up a pretty violent fight between two high school kids at the North Grand Villas, neither of whom spoke much English. I spent time with a family who’s grandmother (and matriarch) had been told it was time to seek hospice care due to her failing heart. We got to help a couple of families with groceries. And I got to spend 10 minutes arguing with the North Grand Villas kids on Thursday about why, even though it was sunny out, that playing with water balloons in 65 degree weather was not a smart decision. Again – this work is always an adventure!

This morning, my friend Kyle sent me a picture I’m pretty proud of. Kyle teaches 1st grade and has Tavian in his class.  His family used to live in Rose Plaza where we did ministry several years ago. They’ve stayed in constant contact with us, and Suzanne picks him up and brings him to our Bible Studies every week at Cathy’s Pointe. I glad he likes it:

tavian picture



If you missed it, we’re really excited about a big fundraiser we have coming up on April 4. Click here for more info: http://wp.me/P5TRT-pQ Tickets will go on sale soon!



As a board, we feel like it’s time to take a step and begin the process of expanding our reach into some new apartment communities. However, that takes both funds and manpower. There’s only one of me and I’ve got my hands full with the two complexes we’re working at right now. But I just know that it’s time to start doing more. Please be in prayer for us as we determine the next steps to take in making this happen!





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