Easter Hope

easter 2014

Today, thanks to the generosity of many of you, we were able to provide 30 needy families (with a combined 100+) kids with Easter goodies and grocery cards for a nice Easter meal. They didn’t expect it. They did nothing to deserve it. It was a just a simple surprise. A chance for us to say “We care about you. God cares about you. You are loved.” I think that’s a pretty great way to celebrate Easter, and the gift of God’s grace given to us.

Yesterday, 3 different kids asked me to pray that their dads would get our of prison soon. Another asked me to pray that she could see her dad soon. She’s not sure where he is.

We live is a fallen, broken world. A world where really unfair things happen. Where bad things happen. Where we live with the consequences of our sins. And daily I see innocent kids who live with and hurt from the consequences of mistakes made by the people they love the most. It’s terrible. It’s sad. And it makes me thankful for Easter.

I’m thankful for the story of a God who sent his Son to earth in human form to rescue humanity. To die for our sins. To make all things new. To make all the sad things come untrue.

Because of Jesus, we have hope. Our kids have hope. Hope that one day everything will be restored. Everything will be new. And we’ll have no more tears. No more hurts. No more dads in prison. No more poverty.  I’m so thankful for that Hope.

Without the Hope of Easter, our work at Mission 2540 is in vain. But because of the Hope of Easter, we’ll continue to offer it daily. Whether it’s through grocery cards and candy, games and crafts, hugs and help with job searches, laughs and magic tricks and Bible stories, we’ll keep offering it.

I’m thankful for those of you who give and help us share Hope. And I’m even more thankful for the One who provided it on a cross over two-thousand years ago.



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