Week of Fun

Summer has already been busy, fun, and full of water balloons. Last week, we had our annual visit from a great youth group for Carey First Baptist in Childress. They set up shop every afternoon at Cathy’s Pointe, but we also had a big group of kids from the North Grand Villas walk on over to join in the fun.

We had a huge group of kids each day show up for fun, crafts, games, popsicles, and of course, water balloons. And the little kids made sure to find plenty of laps, shoulders, and backs to climb on. It was such a fun way to provide the kids something fun to do during the summer and make them feel special and important. I’m so thankful for youth minister Joe Ramirez and his whole crew of kids. We can’t wait for them to come back for another visit next year. Check out these pics of the fun.

2014-06-18 005

2014-06-16 009

2014-06-16 006

2014-06-16 003

2014-06-17 009

2014-06-17 006

2014-06-18 006

Such a great week!


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