Wedding Day

2014-09-13 014 copy

On Saturday the 13th, I got to experience one of the biggest highlights of my nearly 10 years with Mission 2540. I got to officiate the wedding of two of our original North Grand Villas kids. Chris and Lia were middle school sweethearts when I first met them. 9 years later – after lots of struggles and tears and adventures, they’re still together and made the decision to be obedient to God’s plan for the family and get married.

My dream and hope and prayer for the kids I work with is that they’ll grow up to form functional, loving families. To learn what it means to be a husband, a wife, a father or a mother. It’s not modeled very well in most of the environments they live in. Chris and Lia are breaking generational bondage by choosing to get married and parent their daughter and future children TOGETHER. They’ve grown into to hard-working, responsible adults and incredible parents who are seeking God in the midst of it all. I couldn’t be prouder of them. It was a special day. I hope to experience many more days like that one in the future.

This work is difficult and discouraging on a day to to basis. It’s so nice to occasionally see some fruits of our labors. The wedding day was a really good day.

2014-09-13 040 copy

2014-09-13 073

2014-09-13 097 copy


2014-09-13 267 copy




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