Big news from Mission 2540

We’re excited to announce that this month we’ve started work in 2 new apartment communities. Plum Creek Apartments and Glenwood Apartments are Affordable Housing communities owned by the same group as North Grand Villas. Both in need of some kids programming and community outreach, they asked us to partner with them to provide services for their residents. So we’re working to get rolling with after school Bible studies at both places. I’m stretched thin as it is, so that has meant we’ve made a new part-time hire to coordinate things at Plum Creek and Glenwood.


Meet Tyler Craft. I’ve known Tyler since he was a kid, and he’s grown into a really great young man. He’s got a big heart for the kids we’re working with. I asked him to share a little bit about himself. Here’s what he has to say:

“I was raised in Amarillo and left for a ministry called The Narrow Gate Foundation (outside Nashville, TN) when I was 18. After graduating from there, I went to Harvest Missions School in Pemba, Mozambique. While there, my perspective started to shift from me to those around me. I recently moved back to Amarillo and I’m excited about the opportunity to serve with those involved in Mission 2540.”

I’m really excited to have him on board. We went out to Plum Creek for the first time yesterday and already met with a single mother needing some help with her rent. We hope to introduce ourselves to more and more kids and families each week at both communities. (By the way, Tyler is in need of some volunteers to help him out on Wednesday afternoons. If you’re interested, let me know!)

Please pray for Tyler and Mission 2540 as we get rolling on these great new opportunities for ministry.





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